More about Me.

I am an Artist, Librarian, founder of Inkidoodles, inked drawings of children with a name inked into the body of the drawing.  
I love teaching, quilting, drawing, and Zentangle®.  In October of 2010 I attended Zentangle® Certification in Whitinsville MA at the home of, the highlight of my art and teaching career.  I am a CZT#4,  I teach classes every week on Tuesdays at 1:00pm at the Uintah County Library.  I am available for lectures/workshops on this art form and how it can change your life.  I like to call it Brain Yoga; even if you say I have no Artistic Talent you can do Zentangle.   Take a class and see what I mean. Follow me on Youtube. Melinda Barlow CZT 


  1. I love everything you do!! Your work is lyrical and so beautiful. I also want to thank you for being so gracious in your generosity in sharing so much of yourself and your work.

  2. All I can say is .... Brilliant. I have learnt a new trick tonight watching your YouTube video, shading. Thank you for sharing .....

  3. Melinda. I have been following your you tube. Videos since I discovered Zentangle June of 2016. I have learned so much from you as well as others, but you are my first and my favorite. I'm in many Zentangle groups on Facebook and learning a lot of different techniques and new tangles. My question to you is, how does one become a certified Zentangle teacher? Do you apprentice first and then become a teacher. I've looked into the training seminars, but they are very expensive to attend and many miles away. I'm very interested i doing this. Any advice?

  4. I was very fortunate to have discovered you on YouTube last month & have been tangling every day since. I find your instructions very useful and although there are many videos on the internet, I don't absorb the information. It's your teaching that I find enriching. Also, I love that you have the store and I will be looking for those Micron EN pens in the future.

  5. Melinda, your drawings are so beautiful and I watch them repeatedly, I have missed watching you draw this past week. I hope all is well with you and tha you will be back soon. Sincerely, A faithful follower.

  6. I love your videos. I am also a CZT #6 and when I watch you draw it inspires me to get back to the basics of Zentangle. You are very generous with your time and your knowledge and I appreciate that very much. You break down tangles that otherwise would have been difficult for me to draw. A great big THANK YOU!!!

  7. I've been practicing the tangles you do and I did one last night in all black and white. I usually use sharpies and do all vivid colors. I really like the black and white as a change of pace. I am excited to get my order from you so that I can practice on grey, brown, and black as well. You're right, Zentangle is changing my life for the better. Thank you very much.

  8. Karlene moses kiwi girlJuly 14, 2017 at 3:55 PM

    Hi Melinda do you sell the pens in sets at all?
    Kind regards
    Kiwi from New Zealand
    Karlene moses

    1. Karlene I do not have pens in sets. I will look into offering a set of pens at a discount price. Great Idea. Watch for it at the store.