Saturday, January 28, 2017

Yula Tangle Pattern Lesson #140

Yula tangle pattern lesson will be one you will want to draw over and over just to see what happens. I love the way it twist and turns. Easy to draw when you take your time and follow each step. I could not believe the fun we had in class drawing this tangle. Post some of your tangles on my Facebook page Zentangle Teacher Melinda Barlow CZT Shop for tangle supplies

Look at the fun tangles done in class.

Even you younger students loved this tangle.  I love here twist on this tangle.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

LaBel Tangle Pattern Lesson #139

The lovely and delicate Zentangle pattern: .LaBel border tangle pattern is from Chicago-based CZT® Sue Jacobs. Sue tells us; “LaBel is a pattern based on a border I saw on a painted Russian tray. On the tray it was painted in gold, as most Russian trays are.“ I love this pattern so much fun to embellish and play with. Please share your ideas here on my facebook page: Here