Saturday, January 14, 2017

Heartstrings Tangle Pattern Lesson #135

Heartstrings is a tangle by Helen Williams, wonderful fill in tangle all so a great free hand tangle. Watch how this tangle takes a exciting new look by just some simple embellishments. I love a tangle I can do on a grid, border or free hand. This is one that does just that. Support for this channel comes from shopping at my store.

I added a few filled in lines and also some freehand hearts.

I love this one as a grid tangle also.
Not sure I like the one below but I have to say there are no mistakes in Zentangle. 
I just noticed it is upside down and I think I like it. 
"There are no mistakes in Zentangle."

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Luv A Tangle Pattern Lesson #134

Today’s tangle Luv-a comes from CZT Sharon Caforio I had so much fun with this tangle. Quick and easy, you can add other tangles to it and make a wonderful creation. I loved coloring this tangle also. I am going to make my Valentines this year using this tangle for sure.
I colored this one love  how it turned out.
and I am being brave and drawing in an art journal.
Will add a little color to this one also.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Finery Tangle Pattern Lesson #133

Finery is another Zentangle®-original tangle pattern introduced by originators Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. I have added a little twist to this tangle. I loved drawing it and coloring it, no ends to the possibilities you will come up with.
Here are some stepouts.