Thursday, May 4, 2017

Reticula and Fragments Tangle Lesson # 178

I have be in a little dark place the past couple of days, I thought I had lost my creative spirit. What some authors call writers block.
 Well I have had artist block. Still working on getting it back. 

Here is the lesson for today. Reticula and Fragments once I got over the fact that a reticula was more then a grid pattern I was able to draw. Reticula can be square, round, triangular, oblong or what every shape you like. The fill it with fragments of tangles. 

Have fun.


  1. I am so sorry you are in a funk with your drawing. I would NEVER have thought you of all people, with your awesome talent, would have slumps as we all do. I so enjoy all your videos tremendously. I watch for your videos in my inbox and am always impressed. Thank you for your time and talent you put in all your work for us.
    Lynn Gotham

  2. Wonderful Video! THanks Melinda

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