Thursday, August 4, 2016

Akoya Tangle Pattern Lesson # 73

Sandy Hunter CZT is who we give thanks to for this inspiring tangle. 


Lets learn about Akoya.

First, Akoya Pearls are salt-water pearls, and the name"Akoya" comes form the oyster that produces the pearl.  akoya pearls are cultured in Pinctada fucata martencii, also known as the akoya oyster.  This mollusk is found and framed primarily in Japan and China.  Akoyas are know for their wonderful luster and are considered the classic pearl.  They are generally white or cream colored, with overtone color of rose, silver or cream.

What more can we say about this then here we go again with a two stroke tangle.  With the plus of having lots of circles, I love circles... just ask my students.  

Look at the difference when we add the black and the shading.  
This tangle just pops off the page. 

Here is the link to the step outs by Sandy Hunter CZT 

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