Monday, November 16, 2015

Tangle Heart, Siena Wrap or Nancy's Italiano. November week Three

What every you call it,
 but I  call it "Beautiful".

I was looking for somthing to teach at my weekly Zentangle art class and came across this bog post of Zentangle, from back in February 2013,

I knew at first glance this was going to be in this weeks lesson. The tangle was inspired by Nancy Sampson. She had taken a trip to Italy and sent home a wonder photo of the Siena Cathedrel, to here good friend Maria Thomas.  Well of course Maria had to tangle the wonderful architecture being so unique and eye-catching. 

When you watch the video of the Siena Cathedrel you will see why.


Fun Video right!

Well here is my tangle.  With a video to show you how to draw this pattern. Sorry it ends so funny I was called off to make Mac N Cheese for my family.  When I returned to finish the video I forgot to turn on the camera.  I just started to draw.
The video ends with the call for Mac N Cheese.

Hope you can shade it ok and I have added Footlite tangle by Carole Ohl.


 With a few more just for fun. 

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