Monday, April 20, 2015

Tangle Pattern "Wheelcog"

I have been working on tangles to teach my class for Tuesday.
 I decided I needed to ramp up my classes, I teach every week, by adding tangles not that well known. 

So I looked at the list of tangles in my CZT Bible.  

That is what I call the book of tangles I received when I became certified back in October of 2010.  Yahoo! for the CZT#4. 

 I ran across the tangle Cogwheel in name only had to hunt for the step-outs.  Found the tangle, but I did not like it much, but I love the name. The tangle was just too simple, crazy right.  
In my hunt I came across this tangle by Laura Harms I am the Diva called Somnee, it is a lot like the tangle Tink by Carol Ohl. I just needed a tangle that would go with this one so here is my tangle I call "Wheelcog" 
You will see two different finished ideas in the tangles below, and I love it with Laura's tangle Somnee. 

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