Monday, April 6, 2015

April Showers

April showers would be wonderful, we are in need of rain here in Utah, and I believe 
"Thoughts Become Things"
 so here is my thoughts for April.
Rain, Rain, Rain.
Also Rick and Maria of recently relieved the step outs for Flux, thinking it looks a lot like a raindrop, I used it to cover my umbrella. With a few other tangles I love. 

When I draw I tend to make my tangles large, so on the first umbrella you see flux done in a larger size.  

Then I started another one with flux done very small. (for me).  I love the contrast on both.

I have made a template for you you will find the lines a little thick but if you just draw over the top of them they look like shading on your  tangle.

I hope you enjoy the template for this week April Showers.

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