Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tangled Heart on Tan and Gray Paper

I will be teaching hearts this Tuesday.  I love my weekly class it gives me the oppertunity to draw every week.  So when the weekend comes around I have an excuse to draw.

I always do a little tangling on the weekend to see what patterns I will be teaching.  It is always fun to find tangles that you don't expect to look good together turn to magic on the paper.
 I like to teach four or five tangles each week. 
This week we will be teaching five tangles.
all are available to learn from a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)
I have also added Mooka and Fescu to this drawing but will not be teaching them this week. 
Most of my students will have already learned Mooka and Fescu because they are some of my go to tangles.  In other words I use them all the time. 

This heart was done on tan paper with a black, brown, and white pen.  I have shaded with white oil pencil and graphite pencil.

After tangling on the tan I just had to get out the gray and give it a go. 
I think we will be using colored paper this week.  I have not offered that in a class for a while.

Students will get to choose Tan or Gray Toned paper by Strathmore. You can find this paper on Amazon here.

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