Monday, August 11, 2014

Teaching Zentangle

I have been teaching a Zentangle class this summer, as part of my libraries Summer Reading Program.  We are almost to the end of a 12 week course.  I have been handing out template created by Ben Kwok a very generous artist who shares a different template every week on his Facebook Page. My students have had a ball leaning to tangle and then adding what they learned to one of Ben's templates. Here are some of the tiles we did in our 12 week class.
 I love to teach the traditional zentangle on a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 tile.  I try to mix it up a bit by using some not so well know tangles. 
 When I draw my borders and strings I always get this little bump on the left side of my border, I don't move my finger just draw around it. As you will see on the next few tiles. 

 Mooka is one of my favorite tangles.  I love how it fills in so much space is such a short time. Like the wings on the Hummingbird.

When I taught this one Paradox it was a big hit.  Love the unexpected look you get with just straight lines. 
Last week I started to teach the bottom right tangle and made a mistake on the first stroke, a class member said not to worry, just do "Puf" by Carol Ohl.  I have to say there are no mistakes in Zentangle!
Now if you follow this blog and you are taking my classes you are getting a sneak peek at lesson Eleven.  we are doing  Flux, Pais, Scena, Sez, and Pintemps.  Can you find them in the two tiles?  I love doing the new Renaissance color and with the white and brown pens it is so much fun.  
What do you think of tangling on gray paper?  This was one I had lots of fun with.  Love the white pen on the gray.  I did this Kingfisher twice and loved both.