Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lamp Unto My Feet

I love the scripture,
 Psalm 119:105
posted this lamp on his facebook page.
  I knew right away what I was going to create.

Please enjoy this template to go along with his lamp. 
May your new year find you following the right path,
 and may his words be a light unto your feet.
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year! 

I can hardly believe it is nearly 2015!
I must be getting old I remember when my Dad would say, 
"What happened to this year?  Where did it go!" 
Time is one thing you can't stop it moves on even if you don't want it to.
But art it last forever. 
Time to create a little art.
How about some stipple Zentangle. 
I love to stipple it is so relaxing and creates a wonderful piece of work.
Millions of dots done with an micron .01 pen creating the look of light, dark, shadow and shade.
May your year be happy and full of creativity.
The tangle pattern I used was Ahh! you don't readly need step outs for this pattern, it is so simple.
I just did all the work in stipple, just dots no lines lots of fun.
 I hope you find this post and  template early enough you have time to create your own 
Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Joy" Zentangle Meets Typography

"The emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires."

Other words that come to mind when I think of Joy are...

I have been teaching a weekly Zentangle Class at my library for over 6 months now.  I had been just doing a monthly night class, after reciecing my CZT in October 2010  but was talked into teaching every week,  (Not that I am a fabulous teach, I am good but not fabulous.) The students just like to get together and tangle on a weekly bases.  I have on average about 15 to 20 students they are a "JOY" to me.  I love the fact that I have to stay on top of my teaching skills and now I draw every day not just  a few days a month.  Hence that is where this weeks Typography inspiration came from.


May you find joy in the season of the year. May your days be filled with well-being, success and good fortune.

Joy Template December 22, 2014

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

"The Touch of the Master's Hand" Zentangle Meets Typography

I have always loved this poem, and when Ben Kwok posted a violin template on his facebook group Ornation Creation I knew what Zentangle meets Typograph creation was coming next. I began to do the design for this weeks undertaking. 
But I had to read the poem one more time, and a little about the author.  Myra Brooks Welch.

Myra Brooks Welch was born in the late 19th Century in America. Thanks to one of "Goodreads" old poetry readers we believe she was born in Illinois 1878 daughter of John Brooks, and she married Otis Welch.
She was a resident of LaVerne, California. As a youngster her special joy was playing the organ but this was denied her in later life as she suffered badly from arthritis and spent much of her time in a wheelchair. She wrote with and inverted pencil in each of her gnarled hands and whould oick out the words on a type writer. She said that the joy of her writing outweighted the pain of her efforts. She was know as "The poet with the singing soul"

I choose to leave the lettering in black, it is much easer to ink over the black then it is to fill in an outline letters.  Enjoy Ben's template with my simple typography added. Now create something of your own with the touch of your hand, and as you do remember:
 The worth of a soul and the change that is wrought. by the touch of the Master's hand. 

For an easy download go to my facebook group. Zentangle meets Typography in the file section.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Wise Men Still Seek Him" Zentangle Meets Typography

As the Christmas season draws near, I think of the reason I celebrate this time of year. Its not the gifts, nor the food, not the lights on the tree or the carols we sing. Yet all of these things bring joy to me and my family.  The reason for the season is "HIM" Christ and his love for all man kind.  I hope I will always remember.  Wise men still SEEK HIM.  
May your days be filled with joy and love.
and my you
Seek Him!

Enjoy this template, and seek to find him in your life.

This is a great reminder of who we seek. Enjoy! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Zentangle Meets Typography "Believe"

I did this tangle for my sister, she is a elementary school teacher, teaching second grade.  The students did a play about Christmas called "Believe" My sister has now retired from teching after 35 years.  I believe she is a wonderful example to all her students in believing in your self and never giving up. 
 Here is the Typography Template you can copy and use to make your own "Believe"

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Zentangle Meets Typography "Noel"

I needed somthing fun for my Zentangle Class today, so last night I did this Typography of Noel and tangled around it.  Turned out much better then I had hoped.  I shaded the typography "NOEL" so it would stand out.

Here is the blank Typograph of the Noel feel free to download and print for your own template to tangle. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zentangle Birthday Party

Yes, we did have a Zentangle Birthday Party.

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) and I love to do tangle parties, so when my granddaughter ask if I would do a thangle party for her I was pleased and excited.  I have done Zentangle Birthday Parties for older kids and we all had a great time.  This time was a little different, I was going to be teaching kids at a much younger age, seven and eight years old.                                     
The birthday day girl got a wonderful piece of one of a kind art. Her name and birthday tangled on a 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 Opus tile.
You can see here, the girls busy tangling. This was a table full of tanglers, all having a great time.
Each of the party goers received a mini Zentangle kit. In the kit you will find 4 Zentangle tiles, a pen, pencil, small shading stump, sharpener and emery board.  At the end of the party each Zentangle Apprentice got a certificate.
They learned six tangles, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Shattuck, Rain Knightsbridge, and Ixorus.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mr. Chameleon by LeeAnn Denzer

What kind of friend would I be if I didn't share this wonderful Zentnagle inspired art (ZIA) Mr. Chameleon by my good friend LeeAnn Denzer, She is a beautiful artist and has been assisting me in teaching my Zentangle art classes this summer.  She had to miss the class yesterday do to a previous engagement but as you can see she kept busy.  The template is from the weekly downloads by Ben Knok on Ornations Creation Facebook Page be brave and give it a try. 
Thanks LeeAnn for this wonderful piece of art.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Teaching Zentangle

I have been teaching a Zentangle class this summer, as part of my libraries Summer Reading Program.  We are almost to the end of a 12 week course.  I have been handing out template created by Ben Kwok a very generous artist who shares a different template every week on his Facebook Page. My students have had a ball leaning to tangle and then adding what they learned to one of Ben's templates. Here are some of the tiles we did in our 12 week class.
 I love to teach the traditional zentangle on a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 tile.  I try to mix it up a bit by using some not so well know tangles. 
 When I draw my borders and strings I always get this little bump on the left side of my border, I don't move my finger just draw around it. As you will see on the next few tiles. 

 Mooka is one of my favorite tangles.  I love how it fills in so much space is such a short time. Like the wings on the Hummingbird.

When I taught this one Paradox it was a big hit.  Love the unexpected look you get with just straight lines. 
Last week I started to teach the bottom right tangle and made a mistake on the first stroke, a class member said not to worry, just do "Puf" by Carol Ohl.  I have to say there are no mistakes in Zentangle!
Now if you follow this blog and you are taking my classes you are getting a sneak peek at lesson Eleven.  we are doing  Flux, Pais, Scena, Sez, and Pintemps.  Can you find them in the two tiles?  I love doing the new Renaissance color and with the white and brown pens it is so much fun.  
What do you think of tangling on gray paper?  This was one I had lots of fun with.  Love the white pen on the gray.  I did this Kingfisher twice and loved both. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zentangle Step outs for Nymph by Melinda Barlow CZT#4

After many requests I have finally named my tangle "Nymph" you  will find the step outs easy, only two steps.
As a CZT, I love to teach tangles that follow the rules of three strokes or less.  
You start with a string, in pencil of course, the string is much like Nzeppel as well as the first step, then the Nymph comes out to play, with the little short strokes forming a flower pattern. 

 Have fun with Nymph.

The name for this tangle came from  Nymph;  Lesser goddesses portrayed as beautiful girls, inhabiting fountains, trees, rivers, and mountains.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zentangle and Mindfulness Meditation

Zentangle and mindfulness Meditation go hand in hand.  I found this article from Lumosity Newsletter. What do you think?  In my Zentangle Class today we talked about how you can use Zentangle to focus on what you are drawing to create mindfulness meditation.  This was the tile we created using our mindfulness tangle. 

A new study out of Brown University has found that a form of mindfulness meditation known as MBSR may act as a "volume knob" for attention, changing brain wave patterns.
What is MBSR?
Originally developed by a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) is based on mindfulness meditation techniques that have been practiced in some form or another for over two millennia. The 8-week MBSR program still follows some of the same principles of the original Buddhist practice, training followers to focus a "spotlight of attention" on different parts of their body. Eventually, it is hoped, practitioners learn to develop the same awareness of their mental states.

In the last 20 years, MBSR and a similar practice called mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) have been included in an increasing number of healthcare plans in the developed world. Some studies have shown that these practices can reduce distress in individuals with chronic pain and decrease risk of relapses into depression.

In this study, Brown University researchers wanted to investigate whether MBSR could have a broader application beyond the clinical realm. Could MBSR impact the alpha brain waves that help filter and organize sensory inputs, improving attentional control?
Study design
Researchers divided the study’s 12 healthy adult participants into two groups: a test group that underwent MBSR training for 8 weeks, and a control group that did not. After 8 weeks, a brain imaging technique known as magneto encephalography (MEG) was used to measure alpha wave patterns in participants.

While hooked up to the brain scanning equipment, participants felt taps on their hands and feet at random intervals. On average, those who trained with MBSR demonstrated faster and greater alpha wave changes in response to these taps. These alpha wave surges indicated that participants were better able to quickly focus attention on the relevant body parts.
How alpha waves affect cognition

Alpha rhythms help filter irrelevant sensory inputs in the brain. Without proper filtering, the ability to carry out many basic cognitive operations can be crippled.

Zentngle Inspired Art or ZIA

It has been a long time between posts for me.  Working just a bit to hard it think and not taking time to enjoy the things I love.  I just recently found this wonderful Facebook group by Ben Kwok   Ornation Creations.  He offers wonderful templates to tangle on.  Here is my latest. 
 I promise myself I am going to post more often.