Sunday, June 24, 2012

My it has been a long time between posts, I have been drawing and teaching.  I teach every week at our library, the art of Zentangle(r).  My classes have steadily grown too in the past two years.  I also teach at our local Golden Age Center they too love the art of Zentangle.  I have always wanted to design my own tangle. I as I teach I find my students ever so inspiring.  About a year ago I taught a group of girls from my church, ages 8-11.  The girls were full of excitement and ready to learn.  I had around 12 girls in this class, all went well of course, a few of the girls have made it a practice to draw every week, (during church) there mothers tell me it keeps them focused and quiet, this makes both parties happy.  One of the girls would bring me her tangle every week after church, little pieces of art on scratch paper.  Raegen and I started to exchange our art on a weekly bases.  I gave her a mini tangle kit a few weeks ago because I wanted her to keep drawing with the real thing.  Today after our meeting she handed me two tiles with drawings on them.  I loved her work, when I looked at her work I saw the tangle I needed to add to the many tangles out there. One of my own but inspired by Miss McAllister, so here is the tangle McAllister. by Melinda Barlow CZT4
 Tangle Art by Raegen McAllister 
McAllister by Melinda Barlow CZT4