Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zentangle T-Shirt With Bleach

 My grandson and I decided to do a little art project, he had been wanting to paint on a T-Shirt when we came across this video where a guy was painting with bleach on a black t-shirt.  Well need I say more, it was just calling to me to tangle.

 I just started painting, it starts out pink and turns white as it ages.
 This was the first hour or so after painting. I used a very small paint brush and straight bleach.
 The shading is also bleach, I will see what it looks like in the morning. I just used a very dry brush and spread the bleach very thin.
This was a very fun project.
I will post more in the morning when I see what it looks like when the bleach stops working.


  1. Wow, this turned out great. Fabulous idea!!

  2. whitney FarnsworthJune 13, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    ohhh oooh make me one make me one

  3. So great! Beautiful! It will get lots of wonderful comments when your grandson wears it! What type of brush did you use?

  4. Nice. Can't wait to see it after it ages.

  5. I love this. What an awesome project.

  6. Awesome! The detail is incredible! How long did you finally let it "age" before washing the bleach out?