Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teaching the art of Zentangle.

A wonderful class of new tanglers was born today. 
 I had a home party with 10 ladies. This was a ladies art club, they have been meeting once a month for over 50 years. The hostess had invited her daughter and granddaughter.

The lady on the back right was blind. She did not do a tile but she took notes and was going to go home and try it on her own.  I do believe she was an accomplished artist when had her sight.

The three generation group Granddaughter (floor), Daughter (back middle) and Mother (right behind granddaughter) All three want to keep tangling.

Not all the ladies would let me take a photo of their Zentangle so you only see the seven tangles.  

Teaching is so much fun. So glad I am a CZT.


  1. FABULOUS! Congratulations and felicitations on your class.

  2. I recognize some of those faces. I sent Irene your way and she is a wonderful artist! I hope she can figure out how to do some. She so misses her art! Thanks for sharing