Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zentangle--The Authentic Home

Sometimes a person had to go back, really back--to have a sense, and understanding of all that's gone to make them--before they can go foward.  --Paule Marshll
 This is my look back on the Authentic Home and teaching of Zentangle.
This was my time at CZT training in October.

I took this photo of one of Maria's beautiful tangles I wish I had this as a print for my home.  Does anyone know if you can get this in a print?

The wonderful "tangle catchers" that Jane Monk did one night because she could not sleep, you know, jet lag and all.  She is just one of the many artist and creative people that I find inspire me.

This is Jane on the right, wonderful creative tangler, and I hope friend, from Tasmania.

This photo was taken at Rick and Maria's home  I love to look at it over and over.   The hospitality was wonderful, at the open house and tour of there gallery.

More pictures of there home, tangles everywhere.

Marie and Rick made everyone of us feel like a honored guest.
This was my look back to the authentic home of Zentangle.
I think this art has made me a different person, can you see why.


  1. ewww what a horrible photo of me ... my hair was cut too short and I did not have a hairdryer ... still it was a fantastic time at Whitinsville - loved every minute and definately meeting you was fun too! Those tangle catchers - lol!
    Hugs from Down Under in Tasmania ... Jane x

  2. Hi Melinda! Thanks for a wonderful peek into the Home of Zentangle. I am even more excited now to be going there. Your tangling is so beautiful. Your Ixorus challenge piece makes me smile every time I see it. I love it all. Thanks so much for sharing! (It really does change you, doesn't it?!) :-)