Sunday, October 17, 2010

CTZ Whitinsville MA

I had so much fun in Whitinsville MA this past week, I am now a CZT, Certified Zentangle Teacher.
We stayed in this home in Whitinsville it was the home of the Whitins family that founded the town and the mill.

 Front of the house
 My room was on the second floor on the left corner you can see the window just above the porch.
 This is a view of the side porch, you see the sun room on the left and the ball room where we met everday to tangle.  Over 60 students looking foward to our becomeing a CZT.  (Certified Zentangle Teacher)
 Many of the student came from all over the  world just to become an Certified Zentangle Teacher.
 We worked very hard and had a great time.
We also enjoyed the beatuful weather in MA.


  1. Great post! Love all the pictures....we had such a great time, enjoyed meeting everyone. One's Rick ROBERTS and Maria Thomas......just for the record! Best, Maria

  2. Hey ho ... how are you ... glad you are home too and that you had a great time at CZT. I did too!
    Hugs Jane

  3. Congratulations, the whole seminar must have been a delight!

  4. Wow! thank you for the post and the pictures! I am in the 4th one looking at the framed Zentangle made by Maria and Rick that I won during the seminar! What a wonderful time we had!
    Tina (Italy)